TempO Simulator: New Account


Each account is strictly personal, you must enter your real name and any person can have only one account! You must follow fair play rules! If a violation of these rules is suspected, the account will be blocked!

Username: Username is case sensitive (!) and must contain only Latin letters, digits, dots, hyphens (-), underscores, at signs (@) and spaces, must start with a letter and must end with a letter or digit.
Password: Password is case sensitive (!) and cannot contain national alphabet letters, single (') and double (") quotes, backtick (`), backslash (\), colon (:), semicolon (;) and cannot begin or end with a space.
Confirm Password:
First Name(s): Names can contain national alphabet letters (based on Latin alphabet). Please, use uppercase letters (only) at the beginning of names.
Last Name(s):
E-mail address: The address is used solely for important messages and race reminders.
Reminder: An hour from a race period for automatic reminder sending by mail.
Club: Optional field. If your club is not registered, enter a club name; national alphabet letters (based on Latin alphabet) are possible, Please, use uppercase letters (only) at the beginning of names and in abbreviations.
Width: Approximate maximum width of images and maps.
Zoom: Zoom turns on the magnifying glass function which allows you to enlarge images locally.
Anti-robot test: Please, select proper control description symbol names. You can make one mistake.

Hint: PDF with control descriptions.

If you do not know these symbols,

GDPR: I confirm using of above entered data for publishing of result and participant lists.