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Several violations of fair play principles have been uncovered in past races. Particular results were removed and accounts blocked.
Have in mind that accounts in the Simulator are strictly personal, with real names. Everyone can have only one account.

TempO Simulator:

Central European TORUS Training Week 2021: Results

Competition Date Place Planner / Adviser Stations Compete Practice Results

Sweet home

2021-02-01 BratislavaSVKDušan Furucz Ján Furucz, Pavel Ptáček 8  

Black Bridge

2021-02-02 PragueCZEJana Kosťová Pavel Ptáček, Ján Furucz 9  

World of Minecraft

2021-02-03 ?MinecraftJonatán Furucz Ján Furucz, Dušan Furucz 8  

Online-TempO Ochsenau

2021-02-04 LandshutGERRalph Körner Ján Furucz, Dušan Furucz 9  


2021-02-05 PragueCZEPavel Kurfürst Pavel Ptáček, Ján Furucz 8  

Reminiscences of ETOC 2018

2021-02-06 ZáhorieSVKJán Furucz Dušan Furucz, Pavel Ptáček, Jana Kosťová 9  

My first Trail-o competition

2021-02-07 South MoraviaCZEPavel Ptáček Ján Furucz, Dušan Furucz 8