This is a training series organized by Central European (Czech, Slovak and German) course setters led by Ján Furucz. This series is a part of TORUS series (

Competition is open for registered users. For registration, visit

For the final result, a sum of the 6 best of 7 competitor's results is counted.

There will be one prize (Virtual-O license) drawn at the end of the series from all participants.

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Competition Date Place Planner / Adviser Stations Compete Practice

Sweet home

2021-02-01 BratislavaSVKDušan Furucz Ján Furucz, Pavel Ptáček 9  

Black Bridge

2021-02-02 PragueCZEJana Kosťová Pavel Ptáček, Ján Furucz 9  

World of Minecraft

2021-02-03 Desert VillageMinecraftJonatán Furucz, Ján Furucz Ján Furucz, Dušan Furucz 9  

Online-TempO Ochsenau

2021-02-04 LandshutGERRalph Körner Ján Furucz, Dušan Furucz 9  

A, B, C, D, E, where's that F tree

2021-02-05 PragueCZEPavel Kurfürst Pavel Ptáček, Magdalena Kurfürstová, Ján Furucz 8  

Reminiscences of ETOC 2018

2021-02-06 ZáhorieSVKJán Furucz Dušan Furucz, Pavel Ptáček, Jana Kosťová 9  

My first Trail-o competition

2021-02-07 South MoraviaCZEPavel Ptáček Ján Furucz, Dušan Furucz 8