This is a series organized by Juha Hiirsalmi around Turku (this a meaning of the "Turus" term) as a memorial of postponed ETOC 2020. That's why the individual races are in the same days when the ETOC races were planned and why they have their names...

For the final result, a sum of the 3 best of 5 competitor's results is counted.

There will be another series "TORUS Turus Play-off" organized for the best 32 competitors from this series. The play-off will be on-line, probably on Saturday May 22nd at 10 AM CEST (=GMT+0200).

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Competition Date Place Planner / Adviser Stations Compete Practice

Round 1 'ETOC Model'

2021-05-12 Ruissalo, TurkuFinlandJuha Hiirsalmi Esko Junttila 5  

Round 2 'ETOC Relay'

2021-05-13 Pansio, TurkuFinlandJuha Hiirsalmi Tuomo Markelin 6  

Round 3 'ETOC PreO1'

2021-05-14 Pansio, TurkuFinlandJuha Hiirsalmi Juha Villikka 6  

Round 4 'ETOC PreO2'

2021-05-15 Ruissalo, TurkuFinlandJuha Hiirsalmi Martti Inkinen 6  

Round 5 'ETOC TempO'

2021-05-16 Ruissalo, TurkuFinlandJuha Hiirsalmi Petteri Hakala 6