World of Minecraft

Date: 2021-02-03
Place: Desert Village (Minecraft)
Planner: Jonatán Furucz, Ján Furucz, Adviser: Ján Furucz, Dušan Furucz
Photographer: from Minecraft game
Map: 1:2000
Symbols are in ISsprOM 2019
- lines and areas are jagged (in Minecraft world exist only cubes :-)), please see sample map
, E=1 cube m
Stations: 9
Zero answers: Yes, Penalty: 30 sec
Zero tolerance: 5 cubes no exceptions
Terrain: Virtual terrain from cubes. Urban and terrain area.

Sitting positions can be in the air.
Special symbol: black circle = lamp
Height of flags is 3 cubes (2 cubes for pole and 1 cube for flag)

Examples of terrain, flags and arrows

Example of map


Width: Zoom: