Fallibroome Academy 2021

Category: B
Date: 2021-03-02
Place: Macclesfield (GBR)
Planner: Ben Kyd, Adviser: Tom Dobra
Photographer: Alain Kyd
Map: 1:3000, E=5 m
Stations: 8
Zero answers: Yes, Penalty: 30 sec
Zero tolerance: 3 m
Terrain: School Grounds (Buildings and Fields)
Real kites are used in the photos
Station 6 has red and white lines above the controls in order to help see them
Black Cross = Picnic Bench
Black Circle = Lamp Post
Shipping containers are mapped as buildings
Fences less than 0.7 m high are not mapped, but all walls are mapped
Walls with fences on top have been mapped as fences
Signs are not mapped, even if they are tall
Some symbol sizes have been reduced to increase map readability, but circles are still 6 mm

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