Strefa Kultury

Category: A
Date: 2021-11-11
Place: Katowice (POL)
Planner: Lukasz B, Marta Kapołka, Adviser: Jacek Wieszaczewski, Joanna Puternicka
Photographer: Marta Kapołka
Map: 1:4000 / 2500, E=2,0 m, author: Piotr Pietroń, year: 2019, ISSOM 2007
Stations: 9
Zero answers: Yes, Penalty: 30 sec
Zero tolerance: 4 meters, no side problems
Terrain: urban
Instructions: Benches are mapped as passable walls. At stations 2 and 8 one building's roof is covered with grass, but still mapped as a building. At station 6 there is control description 'corner' without the ‘inside/outside’ dot marker - it means exactly on the corner of a feature. Maps at stations 8 and 9 are in different scale - 1:2500 (mapped as 1:4000 and enlarged for better readability). X - horizontal billboard.

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