Category: B
Date: 2021-03-09
Place: Kurpark Warmbad (GER)
Planner: Hanka Straube, Adviser: Anne Straube
Photographer: Hanka Straube
Map: 1:4000, E=2.5 m, ISSprOM 2019, Hanka Straube, 2020
Stations: 8
Zero answers: Yes, Penalty: 30 sec
Zero tolerance: 4 m
Terrain: Park, urban
Instructions: Orange and white arrows at top of photo indicate location of all 6 flags. Top of all flags is 1m above ground. They were added artificially into photographs to improve clarity. Black x is used for playground equipment, insect hotels, candle arches and mining equipment higher than 1 m. Note that benches, bins, posts, information boards and payment machines are not included even if they are higher than 1 m.

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