Stirling Castle 2021

Category: A
Date: 2021-11-16
Place: Stirling (GBR)
Planner: Ben Kyd, Adviser: Libor Forst
Photographer: Ben Kyd
Map: 1:4000, E=2.5 m, ISSprOM 2019, G Gristwood
Stations: 7
Zero answers: Yes, Penalty: 30 sec
Zero tolerance: 3m
Terrain: Urban/Park
Instructions: Red and white bars have been placed at the top of the photograph to show the locations of ALL flags
Some point features have been reduced in size to keep the map readable
Fences are NOT mapped
The location of the chair is NOT visible on the map for Station 4 or the start of Station 7, but the area depicted is clear
Black 'X' = Picnic Bench

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