TempO Simulator - Event Preparation Instructions


What to do if you want to add a race to our Simulator:

  1. Write to temposim@yq.cz. You might suggest a race identifier directly (see Organizational instructions).
  2. Take pictures of stations. Especially beware of sharpness and distortion of the pictures.
  3. Prepare image files for the race (find a suitable cut-out, check and adjust or add flags and possibly markers, etc.). In normal case, only the zoom format is needed.
  4. Plan courses. Keep in mind that the race on a photo is something other than in real life.
  5. Prepare maps. The most suitable tool is OCAD+TiM, or OrienteeringMapper+TOM. Check the readability carefully, sometimes it is necessary to modify the map.
  6. Pack the files, send them using a form (see Organizational instructions) and test the race.
Repeat steps 2 to 6 until everything is perfect. We recommend to start with one station only and to tune the process on it.

Instructions for taking pictures:

Instructions for image processing:

Instructions for map preparation:

Instructions for course setting:

Organizational instructions:

Sample package content: